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Freedom Reigns

Kneel and offer yourself to Freedom

3 September
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We are a polyamorous pagan Leather Family. We, dk_leathers and leatherdykeuk and myself are blessed with an ecclectic and large extended family and it keeps getting bigger.

We are 24/7 Ds and Leather, I love it that way. It is a part of me all the time even when I go to work with the masses. No matter what I am wearing or where I am, I live by what I affectionately call Leather decency which means I live by my integrity. How do you know if you have integrity?---You behave the same way when noone is looking.

Currently wearing our full collar is lthrtwospirit. Long term beloved boy in sevice whenever able (house collared) is rowanlangley.

Just to make things complicated, although I am a Butch Top Leatherdyke, I am wyfe and life collared to dk_leathers and leatherdykeuk. Love for Them and this lifestyle has brought me to the UK from NYC.

Inside this journal, you will find my theories on living Leather, Topping scenes, bottoming scenes, theories on submission, what I like, and what I don't like...~g~

Visit our website and get to know us better. www.leatherfamily.co.uk We can also be found up and down the country doing demos and speaking about our Leather lifestyle or BDSM.

For the most part this journal is friends only. If you would like to be added to my friends list, please put a comment on one of the public posts.

I am currently responsible for training within the family. If you would like to read about my musings regarding training or family ponderings regarding philosophy see the leatherfamily blog

aka LeatherEagle